Chris Dundon - Metamorphasis

The story of my transition into web development

Finding The Needle

Okay! I need a job and am trained as a software developer. As such, I am putting on the full court press to find a development slot where I can grow into a tremendous technologist. Do you know anyone who could help me with my search? I’d like to arrange an informational interview with that person. Contact me at to learn more.

KISS - Keep It ...

For the last four Flatiron School projects, I have built a “masterpiece” - pushing the limits of my skill and knowledge. This can also be called building “The Atomic Toaster” and it is not a great idea for those that want to graduate on pace. For my final project, I chose restraint and built to the suggested Flatiron specs.

Digging a Hole to China... and the JS Rails Project

You learn a lot by failing. I thought that I knew how to build the solution for the JS Rails Project and set about doing it right away. I neglected to watch the video’s recommended by Dalia at the Flatiron School. It started out well. Then stuff started to go wrong. I went straight to Stack Overflow. While on SO, I tried a lot of stuff including the event the fires on DOM manipulation. DOM manipulation seemed like the answer to my problems.

One Step at a Time

The Good news – the code is complete for my Rails Voyage Tracker:


Inquiring minds want to know:

  • What is my status in the Flatiron Web Development course?
  • When will the coursework be complete?