Chris Dundon - Metamorphasis

The story of my transition into web development

New Material On The Table This Week

This week, I spun up my first cloud database – not very difficult after all – and followed with a bunch of firsts:

  • First DB function
  • First DB trigger
  • First DB stored procedure

API Driven Development

Hi – This was a good week coding. I hit my milestones and had time to study algos / work on HackerRank problems. The algo studying was not as bad as I expected it to be. Way back when, I took a course on computer algorithms. I probably understood 40% of it at the time. Now those memories are coming in handy – providing a base to learn the meat of algorithm speed estimation.

Pivoting My Job Search


Finding The Needle

Okay! I need a job and am trained as a software developer. As such, I am putting on the full court press to find a development slot where I can grow into a tremendous technologist. Do you know anyone who could help me with my search? I’d like to arrange an informational interview with that person. Contact me at to learn more.

KISS - Keep It ...

For the last four Flatiron School projects, I have built a “masterpiece” - pushing the limits of my skill and knowledge. This can also be called building “The Atomic Toaster” and it is not a great idea for those that want to graduate on pace. For my final project, I chose restraint and built to the suggested Flatiron specs.