Chris Dundon - Metamorphasis

The story of my transition into web development

Digging a Hole to China... and the JS Rails Project

You learn a lot by failing. I thought that I knew how to build the solution for the JS Rails Project and set about doing it right away. I neglected to watch the video’s recommended by Dalia at the Flatiron School. It started out well. Then stuff started to go wrong. I went straight to Stack Overflow. While on SO, I tried a lot of stuff including the event the fires on DOM manipulation. DOM manipulation seemed like the answer to my problems.

One Step at a Time

The Good news – the code is complete for my Rails Voyage Tracker:


Inquiring minds want to know:

  • What is my status in the Flatiron Web Development course?
  • When will the coursework be complete?

Voyage Tracker

Over time, I have joined several sailing clubs. They have a fleet of club boats and lend them to members – annual membership dues cover the cost of the fleet. Sailing clubs are a lot of fun and you meet great people on the water.

Off on my own

The CLI-Scrape-Gem lab exceeded my expectations. It was hard! It is 3AM Sunday night / Monday morning. I’ve been working for over 8 hours today and I am HAPPY. This was my first opportunity to show my mettle without strong support from the Flatiron School. I was left to figure it out on my own.