API Driven Development

Posted by cpdundon on April 20, 2020

Hi – This was a good week coding. I hit my milestones and had time to study algos / work on HackerRank problems. The algo studying was not as bad as I expected it to be. Way back when, I took a course on computer algorithms. I probably understood 40% of it at the time. Now those memories are coming in handy – providing a base to learn the meat of algorithm speed estimation.

Why was I so productive this week? I think it comes down to discipline. I worked on something important every day and stayed focused. As a result, I brought the week in on time and on budget.

Please check my sprint cards below here.

NOTE: I used an API for my COVID-19 report here. If you pound on it, it locks out all report users. The API will only serve an application a fixed rate of data. Once we hit our quota, they cut us off for a while. When I last checked, the site was receiving data. Please do not keep pressing the get data button for no good reason.

NOTE-NOTE: I am going to fix the problem above by caching the API data in database under my control. It is going to take a few weeks as I need to set up the right technology. First and foremost, I need a DB on Lightsail and that is my next programming task.

I am headed back to AWS set-up land. AWS documentation is strong and I am looking forward to pressing it into service. Working solo freelance, requires a level of self reliance. Right now, I do not have the budget for a support contract and expert advice. I will be resourceful over the next couple of years and that is great.

Goals for this week are similar to the ones for last week:

  • 4 HackerRank problems
  • 8 Hours of algorithm study
  • Nail the sprint card for the week
  • One blog post

See you next week. Please Stay Safe!