Digging a Hole to China... and the JS Rails Project

Posted by cpdundon on May 3, 2019

You learn a lot by failing. I thought that I knew how to build the solution for the JS Rails Project and set about doing it right away. I neglected to watch the video’s recommended by Dalia at the Flatiron School. It started out well. Then stuff started to go wrong. I went straight to Stack Overflow. While on SO, I tried a lot of stuff including the event the fires on DOM manipulation. DOM manipulation seemed like the answer to my problems.

Stack Overflow cautioned strongly against catching the DOM manipulation event – I spent 4+ hours trying to get it to work anyway and failed. At this point, my head hurt badly and I knew that manipulating the DOM was not my answer. I took a break for a day and went to a very positive career fair. Upon my return, I decided to listen to an expert and fire up Cernan’s tutorial for the Rails JS project – the tutorial is part of the school materials not Stack Overflow. I watched the videos several times over the next three days.

Cernan provided the missing material that I need to make my project operate. I need to thank Dalia Sawaya, my project advisor, for stressing that I watch the tutorial. It only took me a week to listen to her. It is worth noting that once I started watching the Flatiron material, it took me less than three days to finish the project. Three days is the expected time to go code complete on a project.

The surface lesson is that it often pays to march in line. The deeper message is that you only see part of the elephant. Do not disregard the advice of people on a higher perch – they have much better perspective.