Getting on Track

Posted by cpdundon on April 3, 2018

Progress To Date:

After two weeks at the Flatiron School, I am spending about 5 hours per day immersed in code. It feels great and I am learning new concepts. For example, the curriculum covers the Yield key word in Ruby. It is a big part of programmatic iteration. While I had used programmatic iteration in the past, I did not know how it worked under the hood. Now, I do. FS showed me how to make tasty iteration sausage.

I am very happy to be learning new things and am also looking forward to re-entering the workforce. How long is school going to take? To date, I have made good progress and am on track to finish the program in about 3 months. I am working to build my daily code commitment to 6.5 hours – a 30% improvement. The added time will help ensure that I finish up the curriculum in 3 months or less.

You might wonder, how many days per week I am working? About 5.5. I work every day of the regular week and a half day on Saturday.

My Thoughts:

What has my experience brought to the table as I work though this course? I know the basics of how to code. This speeds up the basic and intermediate work. I have worked in many fields and that provided several perspectives on software. Perspective is rather handy when breaking down a problem.

What has the Flatiron School coursework taught me? My knowledge of strategic and tactical coding has grown. For example, I have learned the value of proper unit testing and the detail of iterator code.

I am utilizing self-discipline. My time-line for course completion is tight and steady progress is required. In the web curriculum, we do not have classroom structure – my schedule is in my hands. It is tempting to adopt Wimpy’s attitude and say to yourself “I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” Delaying delivery is a recipe for disaster. It could triple my time-line and cost 6 months of job opportunities.

I am closely tracking my progress against a reference Flatiron time-line. This blog will report the results.

Thank you for reading and happy coding!