KISS - Keep It ...

Posted by cpdundon on July 2, 2019

For the last four Flatiron School projects, I have built a “masterpiece” - pushing the limits of my skill and knowledge. This can also be called building “The Atomic Toaster” and it is not a great idea for those that want to graduate on pace. For my final project, I chose restraint and built to the suggested Flatiron specs.

Results – my first four projects took 3+ weeks each to complete. My Final Project is complete at the one week mark! The suggested time to completion is about one week! I am learning something here.

What have I learned? Plan up front! Build a scaled down straw-man product first. Add detail and build up to a MVP – Minimal Viable Product. Release the MVP. Do not over build!!!

First, I sat down and designed the back-end for Cruise Skinny. It is designed to allow customers to comment on their cruise line experiences. I designed a store for vessels and skinnies (cruise line comments). I also needed to map that data to JSON for transport to the React/Redux front-end. After that was done, I designed the UI and UI flow.

Next, I built the big pieces (back-end first), then the medium, … Along the way, remember to fight fires (bugs) and keep moving. It does not pay to get bogged down.

One week plus hard work, discipline, and some help from my friends and I am code complete!

Take a look at the code: