New Material On The Table This Week

Posted by cpdundon on April 27, 2020

This week, I spun up my first cloud database – not very difficult after all – and followed with a bunch of firsts:

  • First DB function
  • First DB trigger
  • First DB stored procedure

It was a banner week. By Sunday night, my test DB was all set and running with full CRUD. What will next week hold? I am going to hook all this database technology up to Node.js and start loading information into the database I spent this week tuning. Once I can do that, I can build a feature that will look for new data and load the data cache several times a day. Auto-loading a cloud database will solve my problem of over taxing the API chosen for this application.

Most of my recent work is centered around the AWS cloud universe. I am having a great time in the AWS sandbox. AWS offers certification and I am going to study for exams. AWS Developer – Associate is a great place to start. Within a year from today, I think I can move from Associate to Professional. Now that I’ve said it, I am off to the races.

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