Off on my own

Posted by cpdundon on May 7, 2018

The CLI-Scrape-Gem lab exceeded my expectations. It was hard! It is 3AM Sunday night / Monday morning. I’ve been working for over 8 hours today and I am HAPPY. This was my first opportunity to show my mettle without strong support from the Flatiron School. I was left to figure it out on my own.

It took about 5 days to get here with the extra credit for generating a ruby Gem.

In the process, I abandoned the familiar Learn/Atom IDE in favor of nano and raw bash. Then, I had to get personal with git. The switch paid off and within 24 hours, I was working fast and furious.

Continuing the adventure, my machine gave me trouble and I decided to re-image the hard drive with Ubuntu 18.04. One day later, I knew a lot more about hardware and the machine is a lot better off too.

The effort started on Wednesday the 2nd of May. It is now early morning Monday May 7th and I am code complete / gem complete. The project pulls meteorological data from NOAA – using SOAP. Getting the SOAP piece up and running was fun. I had never built a SOAP interface. Research and development is rewarding. There is nothing like the sight of flowing data to make a development student smile.

In the app, the user decides when to query NOAA for New York Harbor tide and wind velocity data. New information is posted every 6 minutes. The user can elect basic information or add additional data points. It is a clean text based interface and everything is easy to follow.

The Flatiron School will review the work – fingers crossed! After standing in front of a fire-hose for 5 days, I am looking forward to a bite sized labs.

Many thanks to Josh Owens, Ann Heilman Murphy, and Lorraine Fenenbock (my Mom). They are great sounding boards and I value the time that they have lent to me.