Pivoting My Job Search

Posted by cpdundon on April 14, 2020


I am pivoting my job search and will be writing about the experience weekly. I need to drive my development skills higher while looking for work. To that end, I have taken on two projects. A COVID-19 (www.cpdundon.com/COVID-19) informational data site and a site for the Kiwanis Club of Garden City. COVID-19 is on the front burner right now as it is everywhere.

You can find my sprint cards at - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dT6-Y_PDX4rD-E3hAKP-anQ_oFOjTwil4rX66Uk9DqQ/edit?usp=sharing

In addition to development work, I am studying up on Computer Science / Algorithms. I’d like to work 3 or 4 Hacker Rank algorithm problems and spend 8 hours working paper problems in “Cracking the Interview…”

Problems encountered this week:

  • My first choice COVID-19 API tanked on Saturday 11-Apr-2020 so I redirected and re-coded for a different one.
  • When I released the latest COVID-19 code on Sunday 12-Apr-2020 the site produced garbage. Files were cashed in Apache on the server and in Chrome on the client. After re-configuring Apache and eliminating the Chrome cache, everything ran cleanly. It is a good thing AWS documentation is solid. The re-configure was completely AWS documentation driven – even on the client/Chrome side.

Check-in next week and see if I make my sprint/study goals.